Tota Fashion

by Sofija Šurdilović

November 2020

Cheap Wholesale Clothing for Plus Size Ladies

How to start this topic, how to start in detail so that we can cover all possible details. It is very important that when you talk about a topic, to look in detail at all aspects that may affect the topic itself, and only then start presenting the topic itself. When it comes to the adequate choice of clothing, care must be taken to direct it properly, because it can

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All You Need To Know About Art Deco Engagement Rings

` Image Source: Pexels If you or your partner has decided on an Art Deco style diamond engagement ring, there is much to consider. The Art Deco period began just after WWI, when a large exhibition in Paris unveiled this bold, new style that was both colourful and dynamic, with the clean straight lines and geometric shapes that influenced many aspects of life. Geometric Patterns & Straight Lines These are

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Wholesale7’s great deals!

Hey babeeees, it’s been some time since I shared with you some shopping ideas. Now, I’m taking you to Wholsale7. I think that this change of seasons is really inspiring for getting some new items and refreshing our wardrobes. At least, I definitely feel in the mood for shopping!Honestly, no matter how much I like summer, I always found winter more inspiring when it comes to fashion and outfits. This

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Golden hour is my favorite kind of gold.

Never take anything for granted. Even the sun rays. It takes only one cold day to realize how much this shiny star is important to us. Loving this golden hour ever since. Coffee tastes better, the book is more interesting and new pants look more chocolate. I really fell in love with them and I’m sure you can feel me. Shop them HERE and thank me later. Don’t forget to

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