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Dress  – Metisu Photos – Dusan Stevic

On point.

  Choker – Zaful Glasses – Zaful Photos – Dusan Stevic


Dress – Metisu Photos – Dusan Stevic


I ordered this pants and then saw them on many girls on instagram. I have to say that I can sense trends from miles. Haha, I consider myself talented because of that. So if you wanna buy something trendy before everyone starts wearing it, feel free to ask me for help Anyway, I like them so so much. When I’m walking they are dancing. Already see them dancing this summer

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Fashionmia for you

SOme good news from Fashionmia wanted to share with you! Are you looking for some cheap swimwear? I know you do. I know I do, haha! Just check this link HERE! I will share some of my favorites below this text. But first I also wanted to tell you that while I was watching their lovely items I noticed that they have some lovely plus size dresses! I’m sure you are

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Summer with YOINS?

I’m more than happy to share with you some of my favorite pieces for YOINS site. There are plenty dresses that can make your summer perfect. I like to have a choice and that’s why I like to visit sites like this. If  you need a huge choice of  dresses for women you will find it here, and for a very good price! What is your favorite YOINS piece? Which sexy top would you

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Dress  –  Shein Sunglasses  –  Zaful Photos  –  Dusan Stevic

Leaf obsessed!

  Dress – Shein Photos – Dusan Stevic

It is not the summer without the lace up blouse!

Can you imagine summer without the the lace up blouses? But be honest! I’m sure you can’t! They are so easy to combine. I prefer those gorgeous  lace up blouses in black and other darker colors. And if you add some good jewelry it can be a perfection! So what are your favorites pieces of clothes this summer? Enjoy these beautiful days! Kisses! Off The Shoulder Lace Up Blouse Lace Trim Chiffon

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High waist bikini is the new black (zaful wishlist)

Hello Loves! Summer spirit has kidnapped my mind. It is very usual thing for me! But this year it happened a lot earlier than previous years. So I couldn’t help but take a look at high waist bikinis on Zaful.  Below you are going to meet so many perfect pieces and I’m sure you won’t be able to resist! Kiss and looove!   Hollow Out Bandage Halter Bikini Set – Light

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