Tota Fashion

by Sofija Šurdilović

Heavenly blue

Everyone around me was surprised by the choice of this dress. I agree that it belongs more to my high school style but when I saw it I just couldn’t resist. The fabric is a perfection, just like the color. Needless to say that quality is the best. With the Metisu by my side, it is starting to be a habit. Big big rain wasn’t our best friend the day when we were photo shooting. But you have to agree that it is not interesting to always have a nice weather. While we were wandering we accidentally came u with the idea to take photos in one beautiful flower shop. We thanked the rain for that because, I’m sure you noticed, we (Dusan and me) are obsessed with the plants in our photos. Hope your having a wonderful day, sending you my looove!

IMG_4603 as Smart Object-1

IMG_4612 as Smart Object-1

IMG_4580 as Smart Object-1

IMG_4626 as Smart Object-1

IMG_4642 as Smart Object-1

IMG_4586 as Smart Object-1

IMG_4562 as Smart Object-1

Dress – Metisu

Boots – Zara

Hairstyle  –Frizerski salon “Stojkovic”

Photos – Dusan Stevic


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