Tota Fashion

by Sofija Šurdilović


Fresh,fresh! A lot of efforts and time were invested in the shooting which naturally goes hand in hand with everything we do for the first time. My infinitely inspired half (DusanStevic) and I decided to experiment a bit for a change and move inside. It makes me equally happy that both of us are satisfied as well as the fact that we enjoyed very much in all although it lasted for hours. Good music, good mood, a couple ofrefreshing lemonades was everything we needed not to feel the passage of time.The dress was a gift from the site AX Paris and I was very happy. First I was thrilled with the quality, but what I was particularly pleased with was a message addressed to me inside the package( Surelyto be recommended! Let’s all take lemonadefor a healthy start of the week, and Monday would seem not as bad as rumored!



Bat Mitzvah Dresses


Haljina/ Dress – Instyleprom (item code: D370BLACK)
Sat/Watch – Smukkett
Fotografije/Photos  – Dušan Stević
Šminka/ Make-up – Make-up Magic

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