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by Sofija Šurdilović

Preparation Guide about How to Use Two Hours Per Day During Two Months to Pass the PMP Exam (with schedule)

PMP Certification refers to the certification of project management professionals.
It was initiated by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in the United States to strictly assess whether the knowledge and skills of project managers have high-quality qualification certification exams. Its purpose is to provide a unified industry standard for project managers. At present, the certification exams established by the American Project Management Association include PMP (Project Manager) and CAPM (Project Management Assistant). Certification and examination institutions have been established in more than 190 countries and regions around the world.
Now PMI China and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs have launched ACP (AGILE Agile Certification) and PgMP (Program Management Certification), and PBA (Business Analyst) is expected to be implemented at the end of 2016.

In the current era of fierce competition, many people who study management majors or who are already engaged in management will consider applying for the PMP exam. Because everyone’s basic situation and the current state of preparing for the exam are different, the final PMP exam fees and costs are different. Yes, then how to reduce the cost of the PMP exam according to your own situation. Candidates must have more than 35 hours of project management PMBOK learning or training experience, and show copies of relevant certificates. The learning of project management is not just a process of mastering and understanding. In my opinion, the knowledge of project management comes from the high-level summary of experience, lessons, and various forms in the actual work process. It can be found in the vastly different project work. With the in-depth and extensive promotion of modern project management knowledge in China, more and more people realize the importance of project management knowledge and take the International Qualification Certification (PMP) exam one after another.

PMP certification is a qualification certification system for project managers launched by PMI (Project Management Institute of America) worldwide. Project managers who pass this certification are called “PMP”, that is, Project Management Professional (Project Management Professional). PMP has comprehensive and scientific project management knowledge, with at least three years of project management experience, and the knowledge and experience it possesses have been tested and approved by PMI. It is an international standard with project management professional quality, comprehensive skills, and high-level Comprehensive project management talents with project management capabilities. It’s universally acknowledged that the PMP preparation guide is divided into four stages:

The First Stage:
Combine the sixth edition of PMPBOK + the integrated electronic version of the mind map, find the corresponding position on the textbook, and mark the corresponding place on the textbook.
The Second Stage:
According to the schedule, the whole set of courseware will take two months, video courseware + weekly homework will be submitted and studied on time, and cooperate with the PMP question bank to consolidate basic knowledge;
(1) Basic concepts, project operating environment and project manager role. (2) Chapter 4-13 is a guide to the project management knowledge system, ten knowledge areas. (3) It is recommended to take notes in your own way (not limited to mind maps, handwritten notes, test preparation diaries, etc.) (4), a mock test, a self-test for the second stage and find out the shortcomings;
The Third Phase:
After the second stage of learning, the self-test has found deficiencies, and the stage of brushing the questions officially starts; the following is the VIP question bank

  1. The chapter practice striving rate reaches more than 70%;
  2. The special training requirements of chapters 4 to 13 are all completed.
  3. Seriously study the sprint and lecture course 15 days before the test;
  4. The second self-test of the model test + check the missing points again, find the weak points, and train with specific targets or find your own notes for comparison.
  5. Questions about the Real Simulation Test
    The mock test questions are all real mock questions developed for the PMP exam. At least three sets are required, and each set of mock exam questions is 200 questions. The difficulty of the three sets of model exam questions is suitable for the current learning situation. Three sets of model exam questions contain more than 90% of the knowledge points of the exam, which are very important.
    Note: It is not recommended to do it in advance, please arrange your time and plan reasonably according to the course schedule.
    2. Questions about Homework
    The homework questions are mainly to test the students’ mastery of the knowledge points and to consolidate the knowledge points they have learned.
    And carefully check whether the teacher’s comments are not careful in doing the questions, thinking about the questions, or inaccurate in the contextual understanding.
    Note: This is used to practice during the learning process to help strengthen knowledge points.
  6. Sprint Questions
    Every time you sprint, do a good job of the type and format of the exam questions.
    Matters needing attention: At the last stage, it is provided for everyone to check the missing knowledge points and strengthen the understanding of the knowledge points of the examination. You should sprint before the exam.
    Work to continuously adapt to the requirements of project management development!
    The above-mentioned are the most cost-effective way to prepare for the PMP exam. In fact, as the number of people paying attention to this type of exam now increases, objectively speaking, the increase in PMP students each year will increase the cost of the exam year by year, so it is better to prepare and prepare early. It’s more convenient to understand.

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