Tota Fashion

by Sofija Šurdilović


If you believe these items are even more beautiful live. Yep! Metisu, perfect like always! Brand new me in this post! Do you like me? I feel so good about these hairstyle changes. My best friend a.k.a my photographer told me that in this styling I remind him on Phoebe from the tv show “Friends”. Even that wasn’t my goal I adore Phoebe so it is a compliment, haha. And yes, I have that walk in this skirt. The rain hasn’t spoiled our shooting and I hope you are going to enjoy this post! Kiss and love!

IMG_4453 as Smart Object-1

IMG_4491 as Smart Object-1

IMG_4497 as Smart Object-1


IMG_4426 as Smart Object-1

IMG_4445 as Smart Object-1

IMG_4433 as Smart Object-1

IMG_4464 as Smart Object-1

Midi skirt and blouse – Metisu

Shoes  – Zara

Hairstyle – Frizerski salon “Stojkovic”

Photos  – Dusan Stevic


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