Tota Fashion

by Sofija Šurdilović

To these cigarettes I’m addicted!

I don’t do cigarettes. Actually I hate them. Don’t know why I’m telling you this really..Anyway, when it comes to cigarettes pants, they are my favorite! Do you remember those that J.Lo used to wear in her Jenny from the block faze? I chose these pants from Shein because they reminded me on that time. I love that time, elementary school.. Not having an idea about anything but dancing and thinking what to wear for the next day 🙂 Still remember the choreography for almost every famous song from that time. I still have that love for dancing in me. Who knows, maybe I will do something about it one day?! What is your favorite childhood activity?

Shirt – FashionMia

Pants – Shein

Shoes – Asos

Photos – Dušan Stević

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