Tota Fashion

by Sofija Šurdilović

Tropical days

Helouhelouuu! Due to the unbearable heat prevailing last month I felt good when I escaped to the countryside for a while 🙂 Besides my intention to convey the freshness by photos, I decided that after a while you should be rewarded! As I am looking forward to the golden tattoos applied during seaside summer vacation, I wanted to share that joy with someone of you 🙂 So I decided to cooperate with NakitMaki and make it happen. Instructions for participation, as well as details about the tattoos can be found at the bottom of the post. Goooood luck!

Kupaći – Swimwear
Pantalone – Vintage
Flash tattoo – Nakit Maki

Fotografije – Dusan Stevic

Uputstvo za učešće:

1.Lajkujte stranicu:Nakit Maki
2.lajkujte stranicu: TOTA
3.Šerujete post na svom profilu (sa opcijom javno/public)
4.Ostavite komentar ovde, ispod posta, sa svojom e-mail adresom, kako bih mogla da kontaktiram pobednika.

Pobednika ću izvući u subotu, 8.8.2015.

Napomena: Nagradna igra važi samo za Srbiju

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