Tota Fashion

by Sofija Šurdilović

When early summer – eat more Ice-cream!

Pre-summer vibes are in the air. Literally, haha. A few months ago we called this period “Can’t wait to come” but now it seems like it changed it’s name into “Give us a break”. These temperatures are pretty unbearable, but there is always an ice-cream.  I choose this outfit and it’s really comfortable. This hat is my biggest love, ever since I bought it. I adore this bay-watch shape! All together is pretty simple but i felt really good wearing this combination. My lovely friend Emilija helped me a lot by taking these amazing photos. Also we had a perfect time together despite the “red hot chilly” weather. How do you spend these days?


Hat – H&M

Sandals – Hop hop shop

Photos – Emilija Ranković

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