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by Sofija Šurdilović

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Hey babeeees, it’s been some time since I shared with you some shopping ideas. Now, I’m taking you to Wholsale7. I think that this change of seasons is really inspiring for getting some new items and refreshing our wardrobes. At least, I definitely feel in the mood for shopping!
Honestly, no matter how much I like summer, I always found winter more inspiring when it comes to fashion and outfits. This layering thing is such a fun game. So so many things to combine. Yes, yes I knooow, it is more complicated and it takes more time to dress up and go out. And I agree that it can be very very annoying. But these colors that we always relate to the autumn/winter season are so amazing. Burgundy, mustard yellow, brown, cappuccino…You got to love them!
I can’t decide which one I like more.
Ripped jeans, a long cozy sweater, and a leather jacket.
Big scarf, oversized coat, and long boots.
Ooor, maybe a leather skirt, turtleneck sweater, and some really cool hat.
Talking, talking, but now I will show you my favorites for this winter.

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Look at these banana pastel colors. Looking like candy! I feel like a happy child when I see such a piece! Fluffly, colorful, amazing!

This is the next one! This native pattern is so cool It goes amazingly good with some cool jeans. It looks totally like Serena Van Der Woodsen.

Now this cardigan is something we all HAVE to have. It is so easy to match with everything. Not to mention how comfortable it looks.
Love love it!

This one is such a classic. But I really adore classic. You can wear it to the party and also to the business lunch.

These gentle colors are everything. I think it is a perfect piece for this weather between summer and winter.

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