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by Sofija Šurdilović

Cold flower

Floral, but somehow winter like 🙂 I was thrilled with this Dressin bathrobe and I knew that it will allow a lot of playing while combining. Different ideas buzzed in my mindthat seemed simpler , but it didn’t sound like fun. I designed pants myself a few months ago, for the festive occasion that took place when I was obsessed with pleated, short and wide pants. Gray turtleneck did me a great favor and reconciled them quite successfully. I enjoyed this game and hope you will enjoy this post too!

Sweet Sixteen Dresses

Cruise Wear Dresses

Ogrtač – Dressin
Siva rolka – vintage
Pantalone – šivene po mojoj zamisli
Cipele – Zara
Fotografije – Dušan Stević

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