Tota Fashion

by Sofija Šurdilović

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Did you meet this shopping site before? I didn’t until one week ago, aaaand i decided to let you know about it. There are various kinds of glamorous dresses, in case you celebrate something.. Or in case you just feel glamorous 🙂 And lately, I feel the need for the glamorous look very often. I always imagine them with some simple jewelry . I think with the right glamorous dress every girl looks irresistible. That is like some unwritten rule. I would love to hear which of these do you see as “THE DRESS”?

Of course, there are a lot of choices for future prom queens –>Prom dresses. 

If you see yourself as “Lady in red” there’s a big possibility that you can find your peace of cake here –>Red Prom dresses

If you are like me and think that with the black one, there is no possibility of a mistakes –>Black Prom dresses

1.Black ball gown

Ball Gown Short Sleeve Jewel Neck Two Piece Long Prom Dresses

2.Nude chiffon dress

3.Red Sleeveless dress

4.Green High-neck dress

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