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by Sofija Šurdilović

Stay classy with ZEELOOL!

I was 7 when I found out that I need to wear glasses. It was really traumatic for me. Even now, I remember the disappointment I felt.. My parents were so supportive and we were searching together for the cutest shape. I remember my first glasses. Something like Harry Potter but colorful. I loved them. But still, never started loving the fact that I have to wear them every day. So, through all these years I changed so many shapes and styles. Every time, the same story. I see the frames, I fall in love, I get bored, I search for something different.. These days I suddenly ran on this amazing site – Zeelool and I fell in love a hundred times! If you share my story and if you are addicted, but also depend on glasses here is the perfect savior! One of the most important things to take care of when buying new glasses is the shape of your head. It has to be in harmony with the shape of the glasses you choose. Scrolling this site I realized that it offers designs for every possible head shape.

Here are some of my favorites:

Prescription glasses on Zeelool

This cat-eye shape is such an evergreen. Obviously, it never gets out of style. I have myself one of these, and for some reason, I’m never bored of it! This model you see in the photo is one of my faves because it has this unique detail. Probably would combine it with some evening elegant look.

Aviator prescription glasses

When I see these, I think, I could look like such a cool, casual nerd with these. You know those girls that look so casual like “home version” but still so cool and beautiful! Ordering them for sure!

Cat eye glasses frames for women

Aaaaand theeese! Red lips are required! And also some really cool outfit. But many outfits would go great with them. I already see myself wearing them with some denim on denim combo, but also black suit. They are 100% love!




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