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by Sofija Šurdilović

The Paris wife by Paula McLain

About this, as well as about any of the following books, I will write from my point of view, trying to avoid to reveal the important facts and events.
I was plunged in pleasure. It describes the time and the city that have always intrigued me. The main characters, filtered through the time that has elapsed since I read it: Paris, Ernest, Hedli, Absent, thirties. I’m specially glad I read it because of my  idealization of this period and culture, while it gave me the broader picture showing less perfect aspects. A lot of booze, chasing inspiration, tensions in the moments when it lacks. Hedli – symbol of steadiness and firm attitude, aiming only to protect the family values that were everything but attractive to the elite of this enchanted city. The love that was challenged with so many perils and survived, or not, it depends.

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“The Paris wife by Paula McLain”

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