Tota Fashion

by Sofija Šurdilović


That’s amore.. For sure my favorite collaboration. Cause it wasn’t a job. It was only the pleasure. Started so unexpectedly but continued in such an amazing way. When I was offered to work with Tiche, first thing that made me sure I should do it was her approach. She wanted to meet and show me her work. And so we did. And I loved her work. Tijana has been living in Florence for 18 years already and it had a strong impact on her work. The choice of fabrics and patterns that do not call into question. Simple but unique design that gives you a lot of space to give it your personal touch. Special love for the fact that these pieces are not limited to one style, you can where them in so many ways. Sooo, how can you say no to that kind of offer? So me and Tijana (the girl behind the brand), we just clicked. Once you get to know her you realize she’s never out of ideas and her favorite question is “What should we do next?” So she didn’t waist time, she offered me to come to Florence and combine this amazing design with lovely Italian streets. A few months later, when the Florence was gliding into the Spring, Dusan and me arrived. Can’t describe the time spent there. If you have visited Florence, than you understand. If you haven’t, than you gotta correct that mistake. Behind this text you’ll see the photos describing our experience. What happened next.. Yes, I became addicted to this quality. Below, you’ll see some of the photos that I have chosen to show you what we did till now. But be aware that this is just a beginning. Enjoy!

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Here comes the lovely Florence!

My Ponte Vecchio outfit, cause you can’t wear whatever there.

Us, loving what we do.

Tiche, Dusan and me these days..

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