Tota Fashion

by Sofija Šurdilović

When Casual

I always have a problem when I want to buy new shoes because I rarely find the ones that I really like. I’m not a fan of too high heels because they often make my feet look unnatural. Considering the fact that I have very specific taste, finding the right pattern is even more harder. But, when I ran into these “Beauties” on the Asos site, I couldn’t resist. They fulfilled all of my criteria and I fell in love with them. I surprised myself with this casual outfit, for a change.  White fluffy blouse (Shein) is so comfortable that makes me wanna dive in it. (Figuratively speaking) Nikola Pejcic in achieving the complete “Casual” impression.


Blouse – Shein

Jeans – H&M

Heels – Asos

Fotografije – Nikola Pejcic

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