Tota Fashion

by Sofija Šurdilović

You don’t get older, you get better! Birthday and giveaway pooost!

I love my birthday and I always try to enjoy it as much as I can. That is why I am loafing and relaxing today. I must admit that I did not do anything useful and it is already 18:00! 🙂 But let this be the first (and perhaps only) such thing today! One of the most beautiful feelings for me is giving away so I decided to do it in cooperation withTasna by Ana Surdilovic. I hope you like those sunglasses in the photos because I plan to share the joy of wearing them with you. Well goooood luck!
Instructions for participation in the giveaway are given under the photos.

Uputstvo za učešće:
1.Lajkujte stranicu:Tasna by Ana Surdilovic
2.Lajkujte stranicu: TOTA
3.Šerujete post na svom profilu (sa opcijom javno/public)
4.Ostavite komentar ovde, ispod posta, sa svojom e-mail adresom, kako bih mogla da kontaktiram pobednika.
Pobednika ću izvući u Nedelju 13.9.2015
Napomena: Nagradna igra važi samo za Srbiju.
Košulja – Babina
Šorts – New Yorker
Mokasine – Aldo
Tašna – Tašna by Ana Šurdilović
Prsten – H&M
Naočare – Tašna by Ana Šurdilović

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